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Jacquard Fabric

Turkey has achieved certain standards in automotive upholstery fabric production, using 1.60 cm width, high performance , and flame lamination system, a European standard. Our seat cover fabrics, fed with washable flame lamination, exceed standards weighing no less than ınternational standarts, and are offered to producers of high quality automotive seating fabric..

Knitted Fabric

Specially manufactured for car and automotive interior roof lining and trimming. Our headliner fabric also works perfect on boat interiors, caravan interiors, side lining, door cards and panels.  

We offer a large selection of auto headliner fabric for restoring an old sagging headliner or the special restoration project..


Artificial Leather

Our light weight, yet very durable PU and PVC synthetic leather is a superior alternative to genuine leather. It has higher abrasion resistance than genuine leather while it weighs half as much and reproduces the same luxurious touch as genuine leather.


Real roll-to-roll embroidery system, work without frame or clamps. Continuously embroidery on roll fabric and artificial leather, save time and manpower.  

Perfect embroidery on various of textile materials. 


Furniture Fabrics


Our expert design staff stands ready to help you with every detail of your project. We can put together a complete design package that includes fabrics and colors for every element of a room.


Add luxury to your office! Adok provides quality and exclusive designs to hotels and office projects. The vibrant colors and rich designs of our patterns are unparalleled in the industry.


Cinema seating fabric requires many things together; color, durability, acoustic, water and stain proof, fireproofing etc. Adok is the company can answer all those necessary requirements.

Technical Textiles

Anti-Static Fabric

Anti-Static Fabric

Antistatic fabrics for protection from electrostatic discharge risks and dust, offering diversity in corporate designs and the possibility of incorporating multiple technical finishes, to adjust the fabric for each specific application. Fabrics produced with different compositions of polyester-cotton.

Ballistic Fabrics

Ballistic Fabrics

Armour Products manufacture a wide variety of bulletproof shield options for our police, military and private security clients. We can supply low velocity shields produced using pressed PE .

High Tenacity Fabric

High Tenacity Fabric

Polyester High Tenacity Fabric is used for high performance applications where tenacity is the key factor. Depending on the area of application High Tenacity Fabric is also available in different variants like normal shrinkage, low shrinkage & super low shrinkage. The high tenacity Fabrics has high durability, toughness and chemical resistance to withstand extreme environments.

Water-Proof Fabric

Water-Proof Fabric

Adok offers several different levels of water repellant and waterproof fabrics.  Selecting the correct level of waterproof requirements will depend on the end use of your project or product. 




Jacquard Weaving

Jacquard Weaving

Modern DORNIER weaving machines serve as basis for economical production of fashionable automotive, furnishing and upholstery fabrics as well as innovative technical textiles required for trendsetting, sustainable materials.

Flat Weaving

Flat Weaving

Technical Textile; light, fiber-reinforced synthetic materials that reduce the weight in aircrafts and vehicles, and therefore reduce fuel consumption. DORNIER rapier weaving machines have been leading the market in this area for many years.

Circular Knitting

Flat Knitting

Circular knitting machines from Mayer & Cie. set global standards – for performance, quality and reliability by specially produced for automotive industry.

About Us

Adok technical textile is the most demanding company of automotive seating and headlining textiles in Turkey.

Adok also one of the  leading producers of textile composites with flame  lamination capability in Turkey.

We are also one of the largest cut and sew operations in the Turkey. Serving the automotive as well as other technical applications,  such as  fabric silo and ballistic plates, we can engineer a textile solution that includes not only the fabric, but also the value-added manufacturing and assembly.


Founded in 1999, in Ankara, Adok was primarily a fabric trader  to automotive upholstere and seat cover manufacturer, when we opened our first shope. Under the leadership of legendary textile trader  Hasan GÜLTEKİN, Adok experienced substantial growth as a vertically integrated textile company.

With products in markets ranging from automotive to  fabric silo and body armour, Adok was an considerable industry player by the 2017, becoming the Turkey’s one of the largest technical textile weaver.




Technical Textile is Our Business

ADOK has innovative automotive interior solutions of highest quality, laser-focused on top-of-the-line design and engineering. Our seating and headliner products are used by OEMs and seat cover manufacturers around the world.

Adok technical textiles are found in many application. You might find them enhancing the look of your vehicle interior, flexible silos for fueling your house, or helping police and soliders  protecting form bullets. Regardless of where they are used, our products are designed to maintain the maximum standards of performance.

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Flame Lamination

Flame Lamination

From car seats to foot insoles, composite materials created through Flame lamination are as varied as they are numerous. Automotive soft trim interior materials such as automotive headliner, seating, and door panel applications are largely derived from composite materials flame laminated. Orthopedic braces, sound attenuation materials, footwear components, and many other composite materials are the result of the flame lamination process. 



Real Roll-to-roll Embroidery Machine, work without frame or clamps.   Continuously embroidery on roll fabric, save time and manpower. Perfect embroidery on various of fabric. Compared with the Embroidery Machine, it does not need to change the materials every time, because it can embroider the roll of cloth.Compared with the Quilting machine, it can embroider pattern that quilting cannot do.




Our textile processing machines are successfully used for coating, impregnating and laminating technical textiles. All of our machinery for processing technical textiles stands for optimized characteristics and high quality.