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Jacquard Fabric

Turkey has achieved certain standards in automotive upholstery fabric production, using 1.60 cm width,  high performance , and flame lamination system, a European standard. Our seat cover fabrics, fed with washable flame lamination, exceed standards weighing no less than ınternational standarts, and are offered to producers of high quality automotive seating fabric.

Knitted Fabric

Specially manufactured  for car and automotive interior roof lining and trimming. Our headliner fabric also works perfect on boat interiors, caravan interiors, side lining, door cards and panels. 

We offer a large selection of auto headliner fabric for restoring an old sagging headliner or the special restoration project.

Artificial Leather

Our light weight, yet very durable PU and PVC synthetic leather is a superior alternative to genuine leather. It has higher abrasion resistance than genuine leather while it weighs half as much and reproduces the same luxurious touch as genuine leather.


Real roll-to-roll embroidery system, work without frame or clamps.   Continuously embroidery on roll fabric and artificial leather, save time and manpower. 

Perfect embroidery on various of textile materials.