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Anadolu Weaving (ADOK) started production in 2010 with a car fabric production capacity of one million meters a year, and provided solutions to customer demands using its own production capacity. Its production and marketing activities mostly focused on the automobile textile industry.  Adok also produces fabrics for office and home furniture, stroller business, anti-static flexible silo fabric and ballistic fabric sectors on a contractual basis.

With products in markets ranging from automotive to body flexible silo, Adok was a considerable industry player by the 2017, becoming the Turkey’s one of the largest technical textile weaver.

Regardless of where they're used, our products are designed to maintain the maximum standards of performance.

Today we supply the leading automotive textile traders in some of the most demanding applications in the world with fabrics and composites. Our global marketing footprint includes 32 countries in 5 continents  enabling us to reach more costumers

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